Here I want to present the VIP’s of the Olenjok kennel ! They merit my very special thanks, as they all work for me and my team in the background, selfless, quietly and efficient.
(Alphabetical order.)
My father 
....the main VIP of the Olenjok kennel. He built the Olenjok kennel in the form as it stands today. In older times he used to be my sponsor, my driver and handler all in one. With fervor and geniality he spends many hours with the team and when I drive to races or am otherwise occupied with all my activities, he looks after and tends to the pack. Daddy not only feeds the dogs, he repairs / restores what got broken, and also builds up new things in the kennel when I come up with some crazy and spontaneous ideas.
Daddy with Unkas of Olenjok
The translator: Valery Braun
....exactly said, she is not only my translator, but also my shoulder to cry on, to laugh with, to lean on, to gaggle with etc., my room mate and respectively one of the organisers of Alpentrail. She looks after my welfare, gives me sometimes a massage and/or a good scolding when once in a while I overdo things again! Just great !
The Webmaster: Christian Haeberli
He is always there when I have one my special wishes or scream loudly for help!

Christian with Xanadu of Olenjok, who lives in his pack.


Typical conversation between us per mail:
I write: "heeeeeeelp !!"
He answers: "what’s the problem ?"
Me „It’s so complicated and I just do not understand it“ …….
5 seconds later the phone rings…………
He: "it’s so easy !" and explains quickly how
Me: "hmmm, brumble, murmur, yes true it is easy, I thought too complicated again!"………

Schiesser my friend and mental trainer

Röbel, also named Don Roberto, is my friend since childhood. He probably knows me more than anybody else. With him I have long and very intense discussions on god and the world, but mainly on our favourite item: dogs – training – feeding. He is tough as hell and without mercy and asks of me to be very self critical. Sometimes he kicks me into the “you know what“ when I am on the end of the lifeline and takes me back to the living. Very simple: a friend everybody should have.



Alexandra Knecht Schiesser 
The good fairy who has to tolerate so much from us (Röbel and me). She helped me many times when the situation arose and when worst comes to worst I can scream loud: Aleeeeeex !!!! She always has a good word for all and finds solutions in the most positive way.
Our friend and house Vet.: Matthias Volkert 
THE doctor for (nearly) all and everything!
Matthias not only is a very competent Vet for our special cases, but also a  perceptive and reliable doghandler of the Olenjok teams. 
Matthias in action and....

......with a Bonsai patient.