October 20th 2009
Training has started definitely. Up to now, all is going to order. Our of 28 dogs in training, 16 are being especially pampered for the Alpen-Trail 2010. From those 12 will definiely be taken along, the other 12 dogs are in the Sprint training.

The first eight.......

.....and the second eight
Alpen-Trailers !

X-tra especially prepared for the night run at Alpen-Trail 2010 !




October 17th 2009
The C's are already 4 weeks old.......



September 19th 2009
"C-litter of Olenjok"
, 4 males and 3 females were born on the 19.09.09.
News from the C’s see: Breed



August 27th 2009
Olenjok-Kennel passed the test taken by the Cantonal Office of Veterinary !!
The kennel is completely fitted out to the requested rules and thanks to my diverse animal and especially dog specific schooling the keeping a pack of this size is absolutely no problem.....



August 16th 2009
The breeding test in Rothenburg is already past. „Xian-Spout of Olenjok“ together with Sämi posed for the multiple examinations (KVB and exterior evaluation) and passed. Thank you Sämi and Spout. Now the planning for breeding with Tareina is guaranteed.
Ustinov, Ucayali and Happy were with us and acted as figure dogs. A  Mini-Mag came along just like this, to watch the happening and the breeding test, (Mini did not believe his brother Aipaq what he told him, but now Mini knows that Aipaq did not boast or tell stories).
It was a real hot, around 32°C, but still a easy going, lazy and very interesting day. We enjoyed it completely.



July 19th and 20th together with Umea of Olenjok I visited the kennel „Pas de Cheville“ in Ardon at Anne Carole Favre and Pascal Rebord. It was a short but very nice stay. Pascal Rebord is apart from other things, a finisher of Pirena, Grand Odyssée, Femund, Alpentrail, Polardistance etc. We had good talk and Pascal could help me, as he has an experience of many years (around 20) with my long distance planning. Apart from that, Carole and Pascal own a few very interesting dogs. The dog kennel is a show kennel, I would love to be dog there.

Thanks a million Carole and Pascal for your hearty hospitality, surely I have not visited your place for the last time !



Land under !
What started with a harmless small thunderstorm, ended in land under at our Olenjok kennel. In about 30 minutes the whole flat part of the kennel stood 20 cm under water. 10 minutes after this downpour, all the water thankfully had flown away again.

Once again it was a very special experience which showed me our human powerlessness against the elements. We were spared a lot in comparison with many other people who have to endure far huger forces of nature.



Meet and Greet at the Vargevass-Kennel !
A few weeks ago I received the invitation from Eveline Koch from the Vargevass-Kennel to a barbecue.  Nice I thought, as the
Vargevass-Kennel does not just lie around the corner. After much back and forth, I decided to accept the invitation and make the trip to Raftälven (in Sweden). I then asked my friend Kalle, if he would like to accompany me and he spontaneously said yes. So June 11th I took off, and flew to Hamburg, and then stepped into the car of Kalle…… It was a lovely trip, where we learnt a lot and made contact with many very interesting people. JP Norris and his wife Kari Skogen from the Anadyr-Kennel in Alaska were also guests and they gave the invited group a short, but very much appreciated insight into the history of the Siberian Husky, as well as the 60 years existence of the Anadyr-Kennels. JP showed us many very lovely pictures, which, to some extent were over a 100 years old and which showed the first registered Siberians. It was really informative to follow the discussions and the views of JP Norris( and Karsten Grønas ( – by the way the Vargevass-Kennel celebrates this year it’s 40-years of existence-. It was a big happy family reunion and for me a very special situation to meet JP and Kari out of Alaska. I’m already looking forward to our next meeting, wherever this is going to take place.
The last night and day I was then spoiled by Kira, the wife of Kalle. She once again showed her flags as a wonderful cook and I was allowed to just put up my feet and enjoy and to being overrun by Pebbles (Anouk and Abbey) as well as the rest of the pack. It was a very short, informative and  intensive short trip and the driven 3000 km went past as if they only would have been 300 km…………

Karsten Grønas, JP Norris and Kari Skogen comparing notes.


The dog pile at Vargevass!
Swedish landscape to dream of




Time has come to take life a bit easier and I decided to hand over the lead of the Olenjok pack to my daughter „X-tra of Olenjok” and to my grandson “Raven of Olenjok”. Raven has gone through a tough schooling, which was worth while and now can reap his fruit. He is a charming, good natured boss, who already, through his presence, marks his competence in any situation. Together with X-tra she as an alpha female decending directly from the pack boss line of the Olenjok kennel and who acts very mature, a perfect successor of Pearl!


Raven of Olenjok

X-tra of Olenjok

I wish both good footing with leading the pack.  I am now enjoying the evening of my age, the peace and not having to be responsible for all, and the here and now.


Your Ikarus of Olenjok



My „cucumber“, Alaskan’s
Pearl of Anadyr II, took the trail over the rainbow under her paws and left at the age of 14 years and 2 weeks.

Pearl Easter 2008 at Urnerboden

Pearl at our first Alpen-Trail 1999

Pearly: it seems like yesterday as I lay on the beach on Honolulu and searched for a name for you; when we caught you in Alaska to load you into the puppy-pen and when for two hours you kept howling at the airport of Anchorage not to the amusement of too many; when you mastered with me the first Alpen-Trail 1999 and how you, sure-footed led me through the landscape in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Central Europe.

Pearl we will miss you, you were the pure goodness in dog for your children, grand-children, great-grandchildren and for me.



These days we had quite a few visitors at the kennel. Friday Sabine and Noemi for a complete cuddle session. Saturday morning Saskia was here for an hour of questions. She is preparing a speech for her school on huskies, as she saw us in Kandersteg at a race, and then and there decided to use this as her paper. We cross fingers, resp. our paws for your speech. Saturday afternoon Dani and his kids visited us, and Sunday afternoon I went with the second group of seven from our pack (Roma, Nunatak, Ungatortok,
Ustinov, Shinga, Tareina und Chitka) to Zürich to the Zoological Institut of the University Irchel. The test again was really interesting and showed much on behaviour. The next tests will be August/September.



Six dogs from the pack (Raven, Ronnja, Rowena, X-tra, Aipaq and A Mini-Mag of Olenjok) took part at the Zoological Institute of the University Irchel in Zürich. This in the test part for a thesis (coordination human being-dog-communication). It was very interesting being allowed to be there and act along and I am already looking forward for the next session.



I went, with Ustinov of Olenjok and Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr for a check up at the Ophthalmologist, all  went well and the result: Perfect.



Today our two „holiday“ dogs arrived at the kennel.
They were happily greeted by the Olenjok pack and immediately integrated. Both are totally uncomplicated and adapted themselves easily. They play and  use, with the complete pack the run of the kennel.




Have a nice happy relaxing easter.



April 5th the exterior and body bearing appraisal for breeding acceptance from SKNH took place in Rothenburg. I was there the whole day and was allowed to enjoy once more a most interesting and work intensive day in the group of the nordic breeds.
Alaskan’s Happy of Anadyr II und Aipaq of Olenjok were used as models. Both mastered their asked for duty like profi dogs Happy learnt a lot since she came to me from the wild of Alaska (June 08) and she seems to enjoy her non sled dog job. The rascal Aipaq showed how very concentrated and reliable he can work (also as added company) . For me and my two four legged friends a real nice day.



For the end of the season, the Olenjok’s enjoyed a week on the Urnerboden, with all its variations. For change and diversity in nature nothing was missed this week. We had all, from the most beautiful weather to wind in strong and even more strong versions, snowfall (up to 50cm in the mornings with the daily quarter hourly cleaning of the stake-out), shooting stars as well as a pair of golden eagles who honoured us.

We (Kira, Kalle and me as well as the White Mountain's/Olenjok's) enjoyed our days to their utmost it was really relaxing. Trix and Markus from the guesthouse Urnerboden were responsible for our daily health and we missed nothing.
Thanks Kalle and Kira for a real nice week with you!

Some impressions....


Sled well achored

The "painted ladies" of the Urnerboden.

Well insulated...

Kalle an the Dodge Ram.

.....the path..... the stake-out.

Urd and Ungatortok relaxing.







The racing season 2008/09 is over, after the fact that the swiss championships in Gadmen had to be cancelled due to avalanches. The time for relaxing is here and the Olenjok’s will enjoy once more the last snow on Urnerboden for a week, together with our friends from the north: Kira and Kalle, the Pebbles, Kalle-Boy, Youmi, Hala and Cookie.

It's not part of life
It's a way of life




Les Mosses showed itself from it’s most nicest sice. Lovely weather, snow in heaps and top motivated dogs and people.

Ronnja of Olenjok an her team.

The team Olenjok enjoyed the race to it’s utmoste. We even took home the first place in the unlimited class (2. Silvia Iseli and 3. Ueli Lüthi with a son of K2 of Olenjok) . Ueli Fritz with Raven of Olenjok and Alaskan's Chitka of Anadyr in the team placed themselves in the 8 dog class in the third position.



The EC 2009 in Kandersteg is already history……..
The participation at the EC was an honour for me, and I was very happy over the effort of my teams (6. ranking), we had, as many other swiss teams to reinstate the running fitness after the race break, i.e. training break with animal and human beings, due to illnesses.

Congratulations to the „Swiss Team“  for their achievement on this super nice, very diverse and quit difficult trail. It was great with you!

In the team were: Ronnja, Rowena, Roma, Ustinov, Ungatortok,

Umea, Urd, X-tra, A Mini-Mag and Aipaq of Olenjok as well as Alaskan's Happy of Anadyr II and Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr.





Yeeehaaa !!

We have the qualification ! The Olenjok-Team will go to the EC in Kandersteg from 27.02.09 untill 01.03.09.





Due to the massif and all over kennel cough, I decided to re-vaccinate the complete Olenjok-kennel with the vaccine: „Vetamun KC“. This live vaccine is given intra nasal and builds up the immunity in 72 hours. Luckily no dog showed any signs of this kennel cough.

We from the Olenjok kennel would like to thank our doctor in this way for the special service.



This weekend we enjoyed once again the race in Studen. For me Studen is always very special, as I am always spoiled there with a personal apartment, food and drink at Mägi. This year we had many friends and relatives as well as working mates as visitors. This really made me hugely happy!

From my point of view the race went very well, only that I was ordered wrongly by a trail checker, and therefore ran with my 4-dog team on the first day the trail of the 6 dogs (12 km instead of 7,5 km). The dogs unisono performed very well. The 12 dog team was placed in first ranking, and it was real big fun to drive the XC. The company „Tier und Sport“  gave me this sled to try out. A knife sharp part I
Finish run of the 12 dog team

Finish run of the 4 dog team

Skippy ad Sedna on the start.

Sonja the musher of Skippy and Sedna at the start.

Ueli Fritz the msuher of Chitka and
Raven at the start.

..and the musher of the tigers of Olenjok.

 Finally a big thank you for my handlers who did a top job and the different photographers.



The race of Lenzerheide is already past. It was a great race, and everything was just right: the snow, the sun, the dogs, the people…...

The two starting teams gave their best. Unlimited was placed first, and the 4 dog team placed fourth. The mercenaries from our pack raced in he 8 dog team of Ueli Fritz (Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr and Raven of Olenjok) as well as the 4 dog team of Sonja Anderegg (Skippy and Sedna of Olenjok). To both mushers congratulations for their success.
Unlimited Team (12-dogs)


8-dog team of Ueli Fritz
with Chitka and Raven in wheel

4-dog team of Sonja Anderegg
with Skippy and Sedna in lead




The Olenjok-team is on it’s way to the race in Lenzerheide, which takes place this weekend (24./25.01.09).



The fourth training with optimal conditions and most sunny conditions can take place.
Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr and Raven of Olenjok take part 10./11.01.09 at the race in Splügen and ran in the team of Ueli Fritz. They placed themselves on third place pure breed. Congratulations to
Ueli and his team.

Aipaq of Olenjok

Alaskan's Happy of Anadyr II

A Mini-Mag of Olenjok

Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr

Roma und X-tra of Olenjok

Ronnja of Olenjok

Urd, Ungatortok, Umea, Ustinov of Olenjok, Ungalik Ucayali and Shinga of Olenjok





My „Mausi“, Alaskan’s Kostya (Balta) of Anadyr, at the age of 10 years and 3 months took the trail over the rainbown to her beloved Noësis.

Balta we have mastered a lot together, you lead the team faithfully and sure, at the Alpentrail, in Sweden/Norway over lovely trails or at sprint races. In the pack you were the game maker and the quiet pole at the same time. Mausi thanks you for the nice year’s, I will miss your quiet soft way....




Alaskan's Happy of Anadyr II -18°C

The snow training goes as planned. The third training unit is over and the fourth from Thursday to Sunday is nearing. The situation on the Urnerboden are top in human and dog aspect. We are looking forward to our first “real stake”.

Above: U2 and Unkas of Olenjok
at right: Unkas of Olenjok







Our „Muuseli“, Noësis of Olenjok, died peacefully at night to the 01.12.08 at the age of 9 years and 9 months.


Noësis, I am missing your happy grumbling and rubber ball like jumping aroung. We spent a lot of time together and thank you for all you gave me and our pack.



I started with the unlimited team (12 dogs and co driver Kalle) in Rastede at the ESDRA-Off-Snow-EM in the open class (no EC class). We landed in total on the third ranking. and as best pure bred team.- It was a magnificently organised race with huge international participation. Thank you all my helpers and especially my co driver Kalle for their work.

A huge applause to the organiser in Rastede.



From the 26. to the 28.11.08 I spent, together with 13 of my pack visiting in Farven (D) at Kira and Kalle, the Pebbles (Abbey and Anouk), Hala, Youmi, Klein-Kalle aswell as senior Cookie. We spent peacefuly days and the huge run around before we continued to Rastede to the EC ESDRA Off-Snow.
It was hugely lovely with you Kira and Kalle, we shall revisit once again.



The first snow ! I was really pleasantly surprised this morning when I looked out of the window and with 5cm of snow all was white. This October 30th. Well it does look nice but the today’s training is gone as many trees in the forest broke down due to the wet weight and blocking our trail.

A huge branch of our home grown chestnut tree was down.

The dogs loved it. With fervor they chewed, partitioned and tore the branch to pieces.



26th of October the Barz Open race was held. The first cart race of the season 08/09 for us. From the Openjok kennel a 4 dog team was at start. Ronnja of Olenjok and Alaskan’s Happy of Anadyr were the lead and A Mini-Mag of Olenjok and his brother Aipaq of Olenjok liefen in wheel. For Happy, Min and Aipaq the Barz Open was their first race anyhow.  Happy only knows the wilds of Alaska and still has to learn a lot like fluttering strps, silo balls, small flags, other teams, taking over. She mastered it genially perfect and passed all and everything without looking to right or left. The two rascals (Mini and Aipaq) were there fully concentrating. Ronnja was of course the champion. She led the team sure and without any hesitation over the 4.4km run and we landed as 9th from 25 starting teams with a time of 10. 41 minutes.


We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely part on the Rhein, the nice talks and the organisation of the football club of Koblenz, as well as the team of the Barz Open.



The first training of the season 08/09 is done. The dogs were top motivated. They were strong and very commando sure. Out newest addition "Alaskan's Happy of Anadyr" fullfills the expectations completely and showed her best in the leas with"Ronnja of Olenjok".

For our „racing mice“  Athanasia and Atom of Olenjok, the seriousness of life has started. They had their first experience with the harness and acted as sure masters. I’m every time astonished anew how the gene „desire to go” is anchored and ready.
Atom (front in picture) Athanasia
(Sorry for the picture quality. They were taken with my mobile phone!)



It is done !
The first body reacting test (KVB) of the Swiss Clubs for Nordic breeds (SKNH) was held positively and the 24th of August.
Raven of Olenjok was the first sled dog from
Switzerland who took this (KVB) test and passed with flying wings. Raven showed himself from his best side, motivated and very alert he took these test sequences.
Thank you SKNH and the local group "dog4you" for a most perfect organisation, it was a great day !

Raven and Manuela at the starting talk.

Raven at passing the clapping hands people path

Raven in the ring of people (calm and clapping hands



Ustinov’s Welpen in Arosa with Ungalik Uuma were born August 20th. 5 males and 1 female.

Our hearty congratulations to Mama Uuma and the foster parents Marianna and Ueli.



Saturday August 16th 12 from the pack had a very special day and work. The 12 Olenjoks had to carry the bride and groom Rita and Rolf as well as their best man and bridesmaid to the chapel of Achenberg.

We wish Rit and Rolf all the best for their future together.



Our promising addition to the team has arrived in Switzerland: Her name Alaskan’s Happy of Anadyr.


And is from the house of Norris in Alaska. A very good friend of mine on the spot decided to take a short trip to Alaska ! Thank you very much, you gave me a real pleasure with this.
Happy stems from JP Norris’s top dogs. Her father is no less than Alaskan’s Cowboy of Anadyr and her mother is Alaskan’s Delta of Anadyr, one of the very fast leaders of JP. Both – Cowboy and Delta – are ONAC- as well as Fur Rondy-Finisher/Leader.



Ustinov of Olenjok was allowed a little trip to Arosa. Ungalik Uuma from Marianna and Ueli Fritz was to be impregnated by him. Now hopefully in nine weeks there will be many little Ustinovs and Umali’s.

Thank you so much Marianna and Ueli for your hospitality, I enjoyed Arosa once again very much.



At the acceptance (acceptance for breeding test) in Port near Biel our two shown ladies X-tra and Umea of Olenjok were accepted. (Judge : Andrea Eicher). With both females: the eye result o.B. and the HD result A/A.

Total result and partial remarks from the acceptance result of X-tra of Olenjok:
Harmonic built, feminine female with lots of temperament. Can be advised for breeding.

Total result and partial remarks from the acceptance result on Umea of Olenjok:
Female on the highest level of standard height with very good proportions. For breeding a finer head type with smaller ears are to be advised and the position of the motion of the back legs is to be improved.

We are very happy with these results and like to thank for the very good organisation at the breeding acceptance test.



April 7th+14th 2008
On these both Mondays the lead word of Conny Ruf, Reto Gartmann and our’s was: "Holiday pass".

Approximately 42 kids booked the course: "Sled dogs –training – feeding - care". The children were interested and showed no contact fears, the dogs by the way neither. For our 4-legged youngsters it was a super experience to work together with so many little people and they did it perfectly. Each kid was allowed to participate in a short drive on the training cart.

For us and our dogs these two holiday pass mornings were really exciting and full of delight. It’s always a real pleasure to see those children’s eyes full of enthusiasm and at the end to each one was handed out a diploma, to prove it’s participation.





Not Alibaba and the 40 robbers overtook the Urnerboden but me Ikarus and my pack, inclusive our car drivers and mushers, Manuela and Reto.

We had a kennel outing into snow, sun and top conditions. We four legs were fantastically looked after in our driven hotel with room service.

By this way we would like to say thank you for all the beautiful weekends which we are allowed to enjoy with Trix and Markus from the Urnerboden, and thanks to our helpers who make these weekends each and every time such a nice event. We always look forward to travelling to Urnerboden again.

The season is through, not all the harnesses are hanging on the wall yet, as still one or two events more are still coming up. (We shall let you know about it).
We wish you all a lovely spring, a summer not too hot and are looking forward to the different visits, during this rather in it’s own special season.

Your Ikarus
The chief of the Olenjoks.




15./16.03.2008 Swiss Championships
Swiss Championships in Les Mosses:

Our 10-dog team is Swiss Champion 2008 in the Category open pure breed!

We have reached our seasons goal and are happy to be able to call ourselves as swiss champions. In the lead right Ronnja of Olenjok, left Urd of Olenjok; point richt Umea of Olenjok, left Rowena of Olenjok, team 1 right X-tra of Olenjok, left Sedna of Olenjob, team 2 right Alaskan’s Tareina of Anadyr, left Roma of Olenjok; wheel right Ungartortok of Olenjok, left Ustinov of Olenjok.
I would like to say thank you to all who made this success come true, especially to my leader "&Ronnja"& our rascal number 1 in the kennel, I want to thank her for her sovereign attitude. She never lost her head and in every situation she reacted true and staunchly and led the whole team. This whole team was totally motivated through the complete season 2007/2008, and we had lot of fun together.

The 6 dog Siberian team sadly had to be taken our of the race. Irritated by a ski-doo driver who suddenly was on the trail, they caught the wrong trail and drove a short cup. Thank you Conny Zollet, for your driving the whole team throughout the whole season. It was fun with you.

The 6 dog hound team fished the bronze medal with Robert Schiesser as driver. Thanks Röbel for driving the hounds, I could therefore concentrate on my open team, and it was really nice to have you coming along.

Now the racing season is over, and we are expectantly looking forward for the season 2008/2009. The youngsters are trained on and are showing an excellent potential. We’re are happy looking into the next season, for the EC 2009 in Kandersteg, assuming the we will qualify....



February 23rd/24th 2008

Gadmen was worth a trip. The local organiser once again gave it’s best and we were allowed to drive an absolutely super race as well as celebrate the 20 year existence of the SSK (Swiss Sleddog sport club).

For the Olenjok’s it was a completely successful weekend. All three teams from our kennel managed to climb onto the steps. Conny Zollet with a 6-dog Siberian team booked bronze, Manuela Walter with the 6 hounds managed silver and with the 10 dog Siberian team we got gold to carry home. Nora Zardet with Ulan-Jeshik from Olenjok in the team fought for silver in the 4-dog Siberian class und Bruno Gfeller with Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr from the Olenjok kennel in the team, with a small difference in seconds managed to place himself just behind Conny Zollet as number 4.

Congratulations to all for their successes.



February 16th/17th 2008
We were allowed to spend a weekend with a top event and Queen’s weather at Lenk. The organiser, specially the trail boss, managed, even with such little snow to fabricate a super 1A trail!

Again we stood at the start with three teams. Even with a few small difficulties, we carried home two first places and a fifth.

Conny Zollet managed with a 6-dog Siberian team, together with another driver, in which teams also 2 dogs from the Olenjok kennel were racing, to drive into first place pure breed.

Manuela Walter placed herself as first in the unlimited class pure breed. The hounds got a very good fifth rating in the 6-dog class.

My heartiest congratulations, especially to Conny Zollet.



February 2nd/3rd 2008
During this weekend the 25th race in Studen SZ took place. It was an absolutely well maintained event. We had super conditions and enjoyed a race under bright sunshine in a newly snowed in country side and cold temperatures. Who would have thought this, as all the premises were more than bad. But the organisers from Studen believed the weather forecast and took the risk to give green light for the race. Exactly Friday night the 15cm of prognosticated snowfall came down. The trail Saturday was deep and heavy.
Our dogs worked superbly and this allowed the 6-dog team to come home in third place and the 10 dog team was leading. Sunday we had minus temperatures, blue sky and lovely sunshine,
as well as an absolutely fast trail. It was a dream! Our two teams in the start ended in the finals on place 4 (6-dog team with Conny Zollet as driver) and first (10-dog team with Manuela Walter as driver).

I would like to say thank you to all the organised and spontaneous helpers, who, especially for me helped with my unlimited team. For me it’s always lovely to feel and realise how the togetherness works and harmonises. Just fantastic!



January 26th/27th 2008
This weekend we spent in Lenzerheide under very good conditions and an excellent organisation.
From our side we had three teams, two in the 6-dog class and one in unlimited.. This unlimited team placed itself as first
and the 6 dog hound team also brought home gold, finally the 6 dog Siberian team ended up as 7th.
For the hounds and Manuela it was a first, for standing in this constellation in a race.
It was a mentally and physically hard race which the dogs and mushers (Conny Zollet and Manuela Walter) mastered with braveness.

We would like to give a big thank you to all the many helpers (Elio, Erich, Franco, Susi, Tanja and friends from Studen), who helped us competently and with knowledge.



12th/13th of January 2008
The weekend of the 12th/13th of January, the first snow race, with really strong snow fall Saturday (50cm of new snow in 24 hours!) and Sunday with a dreamlike winter landscape newly snowed over, took place in Splügen

Our teams placed themselves in the following ratings: the hound team in the 6-dog class in third, driven by Reto Gartmann, the Siberians in the 6-dog class on range 9 pure breed, driven by Conny Zollet, and the 8 dog Siberian team onto placing 2 of the pure breed, driven by Manuela Walter.

Herewith I would like to say a big thank you to all our friends for the big help they gave us, especially Reto Gartmann for his spontaneous decision to drive the hound team. Our Reto was not allowed to participate in the race, due to health problems, and watched intensively from his sick bed, how our teams managed their first snow race.



January 3rd 2008
Our little baby Tanja, the first Siberian Husky of Reto, walked over the rainbow on the 3rd of January 08, in the age of 10 years and nearly one month. She slowly slept away in her beloved hut. Reto and Tanja spent many events together and in the 9 years together Tanja gave Reto a lot of things he’ll not forget.

Tanja, our bread with honey lover,
we miss you, not only at our breakfast table!



December 1st 2007
The cart race Lupfig is already history. It was totally super good and we would like to give once again many thanks to the organisation of Lupfig for this really beautiful event. We can only congratulate you upon.

We, from the Olenjok team had a really successful weekend. Reto placed himselft with the hounds (6-dog open) as first,
Conny Zollet with the Siberians (6-dogs pure breeds) as 5th and
Manuela was second in the 8-dog class pure breeds.

In this manner I also would like to congratulate all the Olenjok’s which raced in the teamss of Nora Zardet (3rd, in 6-dogs class pure breed) Christian Haeberli (3rd in the 8 dog-class pure breed) Johanna Hungerbühler (second in the 6-dog class pure breed) as well as their mushers for their fantastic results.



November 17/18th 2007
On this weekend the cart race in Thun was held. From our side, 2 teams of six each and a bike joering team was in the start.
Even with quite a few difficulties, Reto’s first in the 6 dog class with the hounds was a success and he left the area as winner. Conny Zollet managed to arrive as number four in the six dog class with her Siberian team in the pure breeds.
Reto and Hirvi, even with a flat tire on his back wheel managed to place themselves in the 7th rating. Chitka ran in the team of Nora Zardet and ended in the 3. place of the 6dog class pure breeds.

My heartiest congratulations to all 2-legged and 4-legged participants!




November 11th 2007
Not quite unexpected but still quite surprising, my "Habegger" Tschuktschen’s Iniakuk took off on his trail over the rainbow, at the age of 13 years and 5 months.

Iniakuk I miss your hard headed, obstinate ways, which so often presented me with partially most funny, sometimes difficult, sometimes amusing situations.

Thank you Iniakuk for many beautiful years together !



October 28th 2007
On the October 28th, the Barz Open race took place in Bad Zurzach/Rietheim. From the Olenjok Kennel 5 teams were starting. Reto with his hounds managed to place himself as second, with a time of 00:08:20.5 for 4.4 km, and with the Siberian Huskies he was placed at 8th.

(There was no placings for any pure breeds).
The 3rd start of Reto was in the dog scooter class 2 dogs (roller) and there he was placed as No. 3. Conny Zollet
took part in the bike jöring class 1 dog ladies and landed on the 7th place. Last but not least Sheyla Spannagel(10 years old)
raced in the Canicross kids class with Jenny (6 year old Siberian female) and landed on the 6th place.

Congratulations to all 2-legged and 4-legged participants.



13th and 14th of October 2007
During the weekend of the 13th and 14th the club show of the Swiss Club for Nordic dogs (SKNH) took place.

We presented 7 dogs from the Olenjok pack and all of them were rated with either a "very good" or even with "excellent". We even took home the three ratings "Best of Class" (X-tra of Olenjok in the junior class,
Ustinov of Olenjok in the open class
and Ikarus of Olenjok in the veterans class).

Our oldie "Ikarus of Olenjok" reached an excellent in the veterans class-CAC, and this with his 13 years of age.




Attention !
Important for all dog owners. High precautions have to be observed with walnut and black walnut trees. These can be infected with a fungi containing toxic material, which when consumed by dogs, can lead to immediate DEATH of the animal. More...



August 28th 2007
Only just 6 months after the death of his sister Katanga, my "Tutulino" K2 of Olenjok, at the age of 11 years and nearly 4 months decided, on August 25th to cross over the rainbow and join her and his little sister Kvik whom he missed very much.

K2 was a sturdy, but very soft male, and he took it as his duty, to watch over and protect the puppies of the Olenjok pack.
He loved to run, either in a team, or bikejöring or canicross.

Thank you K2, that our ways crossed and that I could learn and experience so much with you.



July/August 2007
During summertime our pack has a lot to do. Following a few examples of their "summer activities". Apart from a lot of visitors – not only from Switzerland but also from Frauenwald/Turingia, there is:

Tanja being convinced that passing the summer is best done on a bed.

Our breeding males, for example Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr, went visiting their offsprings and enjoy being the centre of their youngsters (picture of Chitka with his young ones in Muotathal).




…. and the kennel progeny....
....are busy with other things. They already take measure on their future clothing, and check how much they still have to grow until everything will suit. Aipaq enjoys the fun of pulling hard to check if these things really are tearproof;
AC/DC doesn’t like her future clothing and tries to chew it off,
whilst the youngest A Mini-Mag is very proud and shows it off whilst grinning cheekily into the camera.

Fotos of the model A-team can be seen under the headline Breeding.



June 30th 2007
The A-litter of Olenjok is born. Click the button breed for more.



June 19th 2007
Welcome to our new homepage
We, from the Sleddogs-of-Olenjok-Team congratulate and are grateful to Nora for this attractive and really great page.

Have fun when browsing through!



June 6th 2007
June 6th, at the age of 3 years and 2 months our Jedeye Squid of Manitou decided to go over the rainbow, much too early and totally unexpected. We are very sad and cannot understand it. It was a short and intensive time we were allowed to spend with "Squidi", but she will continue to live in her youngsters (Xian Spout, Xanadu and X-tra) which she gave us as a gift.




May 27th 2007
From the 15th to the 26th of May I spent in the legendary Anadyr kennel in Alaska. It was just fantastic to be in Alaska again once more, and being able to meet my friends and acquaintances Joan und Bruno Bryner, Natalie Norris, JP Norris und Kari Skogen again. I was allowed to attend a training with JP Norrises puppy dog team.
Lead were the old ladies "Alaskan’s Darka of Anadyr" and "Alaskan’s Puff of Anadyr", point "Alaskan’s Koriakskiy of Anadyr" and "Alaskan’s Tareina of Anadyr",
which I both brought back to Switzerland, and in the team up to the wheel were 10 puppies aged between 10 and 12 months. Koriakskiy (right) I brought back for Nora and Tareina (left) is our newcomer in the Olenjok kennel. I am very happy that I could buy Tareina from JP Norris und Kari Skogen.
Tareina is a very alert female and an excellent addition to our team and our breeding program.

My sincere thanks to Joan, Bruno, Natalie, Kari and JP for their hospitality. I was able to enjoy and accumulate many new impressions, history-wise and personal.



May 6th 2007
Lady Salmiak, (breeder: Lena Westas-Havimäki/Yrjö Havimäki, Sweden)
the enforcement to our hound team has arrived well and safe in our Olenjok-Kennel. Salmiak our Swedish liquorice sweetie adapted immediately and is very affectionate and cuddly.
Thank you Reini for this beautiful female, she is a very interesting addition to our mixed pack.



April 21st and 22nd 2007
As mentioned, a few of our dogs from the Olenjok Kennel started in Rebeuvelier. The results are really something, first in the roller class (Reto with Pink and Pebbles) and two fifth places in the bike joring women, resp. men. Our Siberian youngsters and our hounds did their job very well and we are proud of them. Not to forget, the two drivers Reto and Conny did their job excellently as well, otherwise the ranging wouldn’t have turned out as it is.
Big praise and a huge thank you, to all four and two legged individuals !



April 22th 2007
Sunday I spent with Ustinov of Olenjok at the breeding accreditation. We made it with flying wings. Ustinov presented himself from his best side.

Excerpts from the result list:
Eyes clear, HD A/A, size 58.5 cm, weight 22 kg.

Overall statement:
Big typical male, which shows especially well his excellent walking ability, in case of breeding check length of fur, can be recommended for breeding.




April 18th 2007
We definitely have finished with the winter season. Collars, booties, tuglines and harnesses are back on the rack and were exchanged to easy chairs, cool drinks and "just doing nothing".

Jokes apart:
We’re living according to the saying: "after the season is before the season", allowing us to take part during the spring- and summer months at some canicross races in the bikejoering, scooter and canicross classes, thus giving our young dogs the opportunity to learn and gain experience as well as security in leadership.

Already next weekend we will start in Rebeuvelier. We, means a few dogs from the Olenjok Kennel with Reto and Conny. I (Manuela) will take part in Bienne/Port at the breeding accreditation and present Ustinov of Olenjok.
You’ll be hearing further news how we managed during the different events.



24th 2007
Sadly and for us totally unexpected, February 24th 07 our „Bombi“ Kantanga of Olenjok decided to leave this world at the age of 10 years and 10 months. Katanga was a very prominent female in our pack, and especially her welcoming and grumbling sound “Uuh Uuuuuuuuuuuuh we miss very much.




Actual situation 2006/2007
The dryland season (Weinfelden, BarzOpen, Balzers and Thun) was a good possibility for us, to prepare our 6 Siberian yearlings for the ESDRA Off Snow EC and the IFSS Dry Land World Championships, as well as for the snow races. From one race to the next we noticed how they learned more and got used to the new situations (overtaking, new trails, spectators, loudspeakers etc). Not to be forgotten, our 4 dog hound team came home as four winners in the 4 dog class from the above mentioned races. The work we invested was well rewarded (see below)

November 11th and 12th we participated at the ESDRA Off-Snow-European Championships in Hungary. Three of our teams were placed as follows: 4-dog team open entered as no. 6, the 8-dog team pure race as 9th and best pure breed team. Sadly, due to health problems of the driver, the roller class had to be left out.

December 2nd and 3rd the IFSS Dry-Land-World Championships took place. We from the Olenjok Kennel had entered four teams (two Siberian Husky and 2 Hound teams), of which two drove in the Bikejoering class, one in the 4-dog open and one in the unlimited pure race. It was a good event and we can only congratulate the organizers. Our teams were very well classified.

In the bikejoering womans senior class Manuela with Roma of Olenjok
was placed as best pure breed team. In the men’s bikejoering, Reto with Pink (our german short hair) landed on no. 15. 4-dog class open Reto drove with Deito, Goofy, Pebbles and Biene (all swiss hounds) onto no. 13. Manuela with her unlimited team ended with the world championship title in the class pure breed.
In the unlimited team we had: lead on the right Alaskan’s Kostya „Balta“ of Anadyr, left Urd of Olenjok: point right Umea of Olenjo and left Rowena of Olenjok; team right Ungatortok of Olenjok and left Ustinov of Olenjok, team right Ronnja of Olenjok and left Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr, team right U2 of Olenjok and left Unkas of Olenjok, wheel right Raven of Olenjok and left Joy.

All in all we were very satisfied with the results and were looking forward to the snow races! Well yes, I do write were, then up to now, as known to most probably everybody, only one open snow race took place in Switzerland, the one in Spluegen. Reto was placed there in the 4-dog class open on place 3. Conny Zollet, who ran with a team of our dogs in the 6-dog class pure breed. She managed to secure placing 6 pure breed and Manuela with a 8-dog pure breed team landed on fourth place pure breed. These results we consider as super ratings as especially our yearlings performed exactly what they had shown already in autumn.

Happy trails!



Here we are ............
........... and thanks to Christian I now have the opportunity to keep you up to date what’s going on at the „Olenjok“ family.

Have fun reading and thanks for viewing this page. Manuela and her Olenjok’s „fighting tigers“

(P.S. foto: Manuela with Jedeye Squid of Manitou)