Information about the musher and breeder of the Siberians of Olenjok

Manuela with her first Siberian Husky Pioneer 1980

Manuela Walter was born 1966. Her infatuation for dogs was fed to her with mother’s milk. She grew up at home with a German Shepherd and two poodles, in her uncle Eddy Habegger’s kennel with a pack of Siberian Huskies. She experienced the raising of Siberian Huskies, as well as the development of the sport in the most direct way right from the beginnings (in Switzerland and Central Europe) and she is one of the pioneers in the sled dog sport. Her passion for the Siberians never diminished even with the opening and the critics. 1980 she was presented by her parents and Eddy with her first Husky “Tschuktschen’s Pioneer”. 1979/80 she drove her first race in the category C with three older and experienced dogs (Tschuktschen’s Huvakiaq and Kerry and Jara of Gydan) belonging to her uncle. 1982 she established her own kennel and 1985 she had her first litter. Manuela’s aim is to breed healthy and well performing Siberians. To achieve this goal she runs her dogs in Sprint and Mid Distance races, one of them the Alpen-Trail and also tests her dogs on trails in Scandinavia (performance on longer distances, resistance to cold, processing of food etc.).

Erstes Rennen 1980

Siberian Husky of Olenjok, established 1982

1982 Move to the own kennel with five dogs: Tschuktschen’s Pioneer, Larson, Kosak, Jrka und Denali’s Imuruk.
1982 Additional purchase of Snowbear of Ilaranaitok from Holland, Snowbear is the progenitress of the Olenjok kennel.
1982 Taking in an orphan in form of a Belgian Shepherd: Tramp.
1983 Additional purchase of Chi-La’s Timer of Akaena from Germany.
1984 The name "of Olenjok" was protected by registering through SKG.
1985 Additional purchase of Chatanika’s Chenna from Germany.
1985 First litter: Tschuktschen’s Larson x Snowbear of Ilaranaitok:
Vakajen, Vibor, Vinjak (Wölfli), Visok, Vanessa, Vanja (Würmli),Viaka of Olenjok.
1987 Second litter: Chi-La’s Timber of Akaena x Snowbear of Ilaranaitok:
Balto of Olenjok.
1987 Additional purchase of Chatanika’s Dutch from Germany.
1987 Additional purchase of Sajo from USA.
1987 Additional purchase of Iowa Sotokaya of Nowaja Sibir from Holland.
1987 Additional purchase of Volka of Shiboj from Switzerland.
1989 Third litter: Chi-La’s Timber of Akaena x Vanessa of Olenjok:
Donald and Daisy of Olenjok.
1989 Additional purchase of Denali’s Dandy from Switzerland.
1991 Additional purchase of H.U.C.-Kennel’s Dina from Germany.
1992 Additional purchase of Denali’s George from Switzerland.
1992 Additional purchase of Denali’s Gipsy from Switzerland.
1993 Additional purchase of Alaskan’s Marhloo of Anadyr from Alaska.
1994 Additional purchase of Tschuktschen’s Iniakuk from Switzerland.
1994 Fourth litter: Vinjak (Wölfli) of Olenjok x H.U.C.-Kennel’s Dina:
Ikarus of Olenjok.
1995 Additional purchase of Alaskan’s Graybo of Anadyr II from Alaska.
1995 Additional purchase of Alaskan’s Pearl of Anadyr II from Alaska.
1996 Fifth litter: Ikarus of Olenjok x Alaskan’s Marhloo of Anadyr:
K2, Katanga and Kvik of Olenjok.
1996 Additional purchase of Kavik of Ulanova from Switzerland.
1999 Sixth litter: Winter Wind’s Beppe x Alaskan’s Pearl of Anadyr II:
Na-ka-chek, Nike, Noësis, Nuliaiuk and Nunatak of Olenjok.
1999 Additional purchase of Alaskan’s Kostya “Balta” of Anadyr from Alaska.
2002 Seventh litter: K2 of Olenjok x Nike of Olenjok:
Ratu, Raven, Rebel, Ragna, Roma, Ronnja and Rowena of Olenjok.
2003 Eighth litter: Ungalik’s Ken x Katanga of Olenjok:
Scooby-Doo, Sedna, Shinga and Skippy of Olenjok.
2003 Additional purchase of Alaskan’s Chitka of Anadyr from Alaska.
2004 Additional purchase of Alaskan's Magadan of Anadyr from Alaska.
2004 Purchase of RiverRun's Chitka of Anadyr from USA.
2005 Ninth litter: Alaskan's Chitka of Anadyr x Skippy Olenjok: 
Unkas and U2 of Olenjok.
2005 Tenth litter: Alaskan's Magadan of Anadyr x Nunatak of Olenjok: 
Ulan-Jeshik, Ungatorok, Urdin, Ustinov, Umea and Urd of Olenjok.
2006 Purchase of Jedeye Squid of Manitou from USA.  
2006 Eleventh litter: Ikarus of Olenjok x Jedeye Squid of Manitou: 
Xian Spout, Xanadu and X-tra of Olenjok.
2007 Purchase of Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr from Alaska.
2007 Twelfth litter: Alaskan's Magadan of Anadyr x Rowena of Olenjok: 
Aipaq, A Mini-Mag and AC/DC of Olenjok.
2007 Thirteenth litter: Ustinov of Olenjok x Skippy of Olenjok: 
Akecheta, Abbey, Akkilokipok, Anouk, Arica, Asterisk, Athanasia and Atom of Olenjok.
2008 Purchase of Alaskan's Happy of Anadyr II from Alaska.
2009 Fourteenth litter: Toppers Av Vargevass x Umea of Olenjok:
Campino, Celebration, Che Guevara V., Chesmu, Chilaili, Cleopatra and Chiquita of Olenjok

Manuela Walter
Landstr. 34
CH-5322 Koblenz AG

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