Breeding plan 2010
In 2010 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:

Xian-Spout of Olenjok
Owner: S. Minder/T. Wagner
Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr

More information about the pedigree check the "dog page = X-tra of Olenjok"

More information about the pedigree check the dog page.



Litter September 19th 2009

October 17th 2009  The C’s are already four weeks old and are growing beautifully. The C's are a very self assured and independent lot. Mama Umea raises them with a strong but lovable paw and does a super job.

Chesmu (C1)

Cleopatra (C2)

Che Guevara V. (C3)

Campino (C4)

Chilaili (C6)

Celebration (C7)

Chiquita (C8)

September 19th 2009 Umea bore 4 males and 4 females. Sadly the fourth pup died 40 minutes after its birth. 4 males and 3 females are well and all are growing beautifully.

It was a long and not very easy birth, and I am very thankful, that even with the problems and the length, everything turned out well. My biggest thanks goes to Umea for her very brave behaviour. She stayed quiet and was thankful for all the help.
I also would like the say thank you to my Father, all my friends and aquantances for the support I got. Especially Conny, who provided me with sandwiches and liquids, and who held Umea’s paw from time to time, also to Rob a big thank you, who provided me in the early hours to late at night with coffee, his wife Alexandra for the great dinner (chicken wings and country cut potatoes.) Last but not least thank you to the Vets Vreni and Werner Spoerri for the continious support and always having time and patience with us.

All pups are already placed !

C1, male:
The dear patient one.

C2, female:
The fiery peppery one.

C3, male:
The little warrior.

C4, male:
The happy pretty boy.

C6, female:
The star who only touched us very shortly.

C6, female:
The well balanced nice girl.

C7, male:
The happy robust one.

C8, female:
The soft strong one.

August 25th:
Umea is pregnant ! The ultrasound showed a lot of this little "bubbles".

One fetus in the age of 37 days in his amnion.

This pic shows
three fetuses.

July 19th+20th 2009: Umea is breed.
July 8th 2009: Umea is in heat.

In 2009 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:

Toppers Av Vargevass
Owner: Pascal&Carole Rebord
Umea of Olenjok

Sire: Grubian Av Vargevass
Dam: Libby Av Vargevass

More information about the pedigree check

More information about the pedigree check the dog page.




Breeding plan 2009
June 30th 2009: The ultrasound was negative. Tareina isn't pregnant.
May 26th 2009: Tareina is breed.
May 13th 2009: Tareina is in heat now.

In 2009 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:

Ikarus of Olenjok Alaskan's Tareina of Anadyr


More information about the pedigrees check the dog page.



March 9th 2008
Athanasia (left) and Atom (right) in the age of 4 ½ months.




January 21st 2008
The eight team has flown away and have moved to their new homes. Arica (A8) to Patty Spycher, Akkilokipok (A1) and Asterisk (A4) to Bruno Gfeller and Sabine Kunz, Akecheta (A5) to Andreas Oschmann in Germany, Anouk (A3) and Abbey (A7) to Kira and Kalle Wiebe in Germany. Athanasia (A2) and Atom (A6) stay in the Olenjok pack. We wish you all a lot of fun with and success with the little Olenjok’s.



November 11th 2007
It feels as if it would just have been yesterday that our 8 team came to this world. They are now 4 weeks old and develop beautifully, as you can see for yourselves in the pictures.




October 20th 2007
For better viewing from the front the single portraits of our "eight dog team". Skippy grooms and cleans her eight pups with devotion and the little ones already begin to add nicely in their weight.

May I present, our "8-dog team"!




October 17th 2007
On this day the "team of eight" was born, 1 male and 7 females, of which 6 are black and white and two silvery grey and white, just like Dad Ustinov. Skippy mastered her birth exemplary and I was allowed to act as a spectator of a beautiful birth. We are happy and thankful for this dog luck and very proud of Skippy.

Thank you Reto for the delicious spaghetti you served me!



August 15th/16th 2007
As announced, 15th and 16th of Augus 2007, the female Skippy of Olenjok was covered with the male Ustinov of Olenjok.



August 4th 2007
The A-Team at the age of five weeks.

In the picture from left to right: AC/DC, Aipaq and A Mini-Mag.




Breeding plan in the fall 2007
In the fall 2007 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:

Ustinov of Olenjok and Skippy of Olenjok.

More information about the Pedigrees check the dog page.



June 30th 2007
On June 30th 2007 the "A-team" came into this world. After a very difficult birth ending in a dramatic Caesarean, we are happy to have mother Rowena and her three pups safe and sound with us. Two males and a female. The names of the little ones (in the picture from left to right) Aipaq (male), AC/DC (female) and A Mini-Mag (male). A Mini-Mag is the spitten image of his father Magadan (nickname: Mag), up to now only the blue eyes are missing....

Thank you Rowena that you were so courageous. Thank you vet. Werner and Vreni Spörri, that you helped the two last pups into this world. Thank you Nora, that you bravely stood by our side throughout the whole night and supported us to the happy end. And thank you Reto for the refreshments with coffee, sandwiches and honey tarts.




April 2007
As announced, 22nd and 23rd of April 07, the female Jedeye Squid of Manitou was covered with the male Ustinov of Olenjok and on the 25th and 26th of April 07 the female Rowena of Olenjok with the male Alaskan’s Magadan of Anadyr.



Breeding plan for 2007
Early Summer 2007 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:
Ustinov of Olenjok and Jedeye Squid of Manitou.

More information about Pedigree check the dog page.




Breeding plan for 2007
Spring 2007 we are planning a litter from the following alliance:
Alaskan’s Magadan of Anadyr
and Rowena of Olenjok

More information check the dog photo page.




January 2007
The "X" have left us and were welcomed safely at their new homes.

Xanadu was placed with Andrea and Christian
Haeberli, Xian Spout with Trix and Sämi Minder Wagner. X-tra stayed at the Olenjok-Kennel. We wish the new owners all the best and lots of success with their "X’s".

From left to right: Xian Spout, X-tra, Xanadu of Olenjok, born 06.11.2006 by (Ikarus of Olenjok X Jedeye Squid of Manitou).